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Local arts and cultural organizations have the opportunity to distribute information about their organizations and activities. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn more about cultural events and organizations in Atlanta!

If you are interested in having your organization participate in the festival, please email us at .

Arts Advocates by Year


2007 Arts Advocates

  StreetStage Atlanta, Inc.
    StreetStage, Atlanta, the South's first festival of street performing, is organized to bring extraordinary performing artists from around the world to Atlanta's residents and neighborhoods.

The event features variety performances, not only presented in a streetsetting, but also theatre venues. An educational outreach is anintegral component of the festival as well.

The organization's intent is to:

1. Bring the Atlanta community together through the sharedappreciation of this most fundamental performance style. Demonstrations of skill and wit, of art and entertainment serve as a bridge between individuals and demographic groups.

2. Help to revitalize the downtown business district.

3. Foster an environment that encourages and values street performance/popular entertainment for its contributions to the creative and cultural life of the city; that recognizes the
laboratory for creative expression that is street performing, and that allows innovative, out-of-the-box thinking to find its own audience.

4. To establish a diverse artistic legacy for the enjoyment and cultural enrichment of the families of Atlanta.

  Atlanta Fine Arts League
    The Atlanta Fine Arts League, Inc. was created in 2005 by a group of Atlanta area professional artists, working in representational genres and multiple mediums to create opportunities for exhibitions, art and business education and to offer opportunities for community service, by bringing awareness and attention to various issues that affect our community as a whole. By sponsoring various arts projects, events and exhibitions designed to enrich the community, our artists are able to give back in unique ways with their art.

AFAL is also an organization dedicated to creating an atmosphere for professional artists to share ideas, find support and build professional relationships. Dinner discussions, workshops and an E-News letter are just a few ways the League helps support its members and their careers.

AFAL's other goals are to provide mentoring and offer guidance to aspiring and emerging young artist. We have a Student level membership especially for young artists.

Our professional artist members include painters, sculptors, print makers and medical illustrators.

Atlanta Fine Arts League Mission Statement

Our purpose is to provide professional visual artists, working in representational genres, opportunities for exhibitions, art and art business education through workshops, seminars, critique sessions, discussion groups and lectures, and opportunities for participation in community service, enrichment and awareness programs and projects; to mentor and offer scholarships to aspiring and emerging young artist.



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