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Andrew King

The Artist

Andrew is a professional Architectural Illustrator and Fine Artist based in Snellville, GA. His interest in art and painting began while attending architectural school at Georgia Tech in 1969, where he took many drawing, painting and architectural history classes. After graduating with a Bachelor of Architecture degree he began work as a design architect where he used his artistic talent to illustrate his own designs. In 1982 he started his own rendering firm, Architectural Illustrations, Inc., through which he has continued to develop his skills as an artist to this day. To this point, he has produced about 5,000 professional illustrations and hundreds of fine art paintings.

Andrew's fine art is a reflection of his laid back personality - he loves to break the "rules". Although watercolor is his medium of choice, he likes to mix watercolor, acrylic, pastel, oil, sticks, leaves, dirt, condiments, or whatever he happens to find lying around to create his paintings. Each piece he produces is meant to be an expression of his personality, passion, and interests.

To see more of Andrew's work, visit his web site at





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