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Eddie Myers

The Artist

Eddie Myers is an award winning artist based out of Orlando Florida. His professional career started in 1993, at the time when digital tools were first introduced to artists. Eddie has designed multi-million unit selling video games for Electronic Arts, merchandise for Universal Studios and educational books for Scholastic. In 2006, he decided to part with the nation's top video game publisher to form Lionoptic Inc. in efforts to explore his creative needs. He currently focuses on commercial contracts and his fine art, seamlessly transferring between digital and traditional mediums to create a unique body of work.

Eddie explains his latest work and process by saying, "As a child, I was fascinated by both art and technology. Throughout my commercial and fine art career I constantly merged back and forth between digital and traditional mediums. I never realized how unique this process was until I started to make comparisons of how the digital age is changing not only the way artists work, but the way our society works in general. My latest work represents a slice of this digital revolution, how it has, and how it will continue to change people's lives."

You can contact Eddie directly or see more of his work by visiting





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